In assisting our patients with finding affordable dental care, our team periodically offers special promotions for treatment. We invite you to schedule an appointment with our office by contacting us at 509-228-3212 today. You can meet with our highly skilled dentists, Dr. Ola Englund, Dr. Jeff Henneberg, Dr. Eric Ellingsen, or Dr. Michelle Parks!

Here at Smile Source Spokane-North, we include many preventive services to aid our patients in avoiding oral health issues further down the road. If you would like to learn about some of our recommended dental services in Spokane, Washington, we invite you to read about some of them on this page!

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Oral Exams
We recommend oral exams twice a year for patients with good oral health. This suggestion is in line with the American Dental Association®’s recommendation. Your oral exam will give us an opportunity to update your dental records and assess your oral health. Early treatment is always in your best interest.

X-rays can help our dentists identify problems like cavities, tooth decay and impacted teeth.

Oral Cancer Screenings
The goal of oral cancer screening is to identify mouth cancer early when there is a greater chance for a cure. The first sign of oral cancer is often a small red or white spot or sore in the mouth. Be sure to tell our dentists if you have noticed other symptoms, like a sore in your mouth that does not heal, a lump, or pain or numbness anywhere in your mouth or on your lips.